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Award-Winning Voice Acting Services

 Spot-on celebrity voice impersonations & original character voice overs for your project.

Steve's versatile vocal cords have been a much-sought-after commodity
in the voice acting business for more than three decades. His vast and diverse repertoire of accurate celebrity voice impressions and knack for creating unique character voices makes Steve the go-to voice talent for many ad agencies, recording studios and production companies alike.

From funny radio commercials to television spots to mobile apps and even toys, his voice over skills have been used in thousands of audio and audiovisual productions of every type imaginable.

...and hear for yourself why Steve VZ might just be the perfect voice choice for your next media project:

• Animation Voice Overs

• Audio Book Voice Overs

​• Celebrity Voice Matching

• Character Voice Overs 

• Training Voice Overs 

• Film & TV Voice Overs

• Mobile App Voice Overs

• Narration Voice Overs
 On-Hold Voice Overs 

• Podcast Voice Overs

• Presentation Voice Overs 

• Radio Commercial Voice Overs

• Radio Comedy Voice Overs 

• Radio Imaging Voice Overs

​• Television Ad Voice Overs

​• Toy Voice Overs

• Training Voice Overs

• Video Game Voice Overs

• Video Voice Overs 

• Voicemail Voice Overs 

• Website Voice Overs

Funny Radio Commercials

One of Steve's marketing specialties is writing, voicing and producing funny radio spots that use humor to cut through
the competition clutter and make any sales pitch stand out!


TV Commercial Voice Overs

Steve has provided compelling voice overs for a wide array of
local, regional and national television spot voice over clients going all the way back to 1979.

Voice Acting for Animation

Professional animators love Steve's ability to conjure up just the right character voices to match up to their animated creations!

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