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Corporate Comedy Concepts

Steve makes business functions 100% yawn-proof.

More often than not, the typical business event is just that: typical. The vast majority of them come off as routine, uninspiring and forgettable.

Humor is a extremely effective yet underutilized business tool. Injecting a dose of appropriate hilarity into your next business event will transform it into exactly what it should be: engaging, uplifting and memorable!

Backed by research, the benefits of adding humor to your business functions are many:
Stress Relief • Improved Retention & Motivation • Better Productivity & Morale 
Increased Creativity • Resolved Issues • Greater Teamwork • Diffused Conflict

Hundreds of companies and organizations—of every type and size—have turned to Steve to add some levity into their otherwise mundane business events. In short, Steve turns ho-hum into HA-HA!  Each of the innovative comedy concepts on this page is fully customizable and designed to lighten things up at your next event—without overshadowing whatever your core purpose or message may be:

• Awards Banquet
• Conference
• Convention
• Dinner Event
• Golf Outing
• Holiday Party
• Incentive Event
• Meeting
• Product Launch
• Retirement Party
• Seminar
• Team Event
• Themed Party
• Trade Show
• VIP Event
• You Name It

Every day, millions of business people experience "Death by PowerPoint,"
an all-too-common fate caused by having to sit through yet another painfully boring PowerPoint or similar presentation program. 

Most presentations are comprised of the same-old tired content: bland images and graphics, way too much text and an uninspiring presenter reading it all out loud.  The result: a detached, disinterested audience.

clients include...
...or any other type of multimedia presentation.

A far better way to deliver your PowerPoint info is by infusing it with some funny, customized audiovisual elements created by Steve. It's a laugh-tested way to make any presentation more engaging, memorable and downright entertaining! Steve offers a number of innovative concepts to do just that.

YouTube Video Coming Soon!
A few ways Steve can "funny-up" your PowerPoint:
​• Narrate it with a celebrity voice impersonation
• Add hilarious photos, pictures, graphs and text
Animate any celebrity photo to say your words
String elements together into a funny storyline
• Produce funny custom videos about anything
Got a comical presentation idea of your own in mind?  Steve can pull it off. 

Yup, Steve can even make a Skype call entertaining! Check out the video below where Steve remotely goes "back to the future" (as Emmett "Doc" Brown) at a live event for Autotask Corporation...

A few ways Steve can Skype some laughs into your event:
​• Steve appears as a fake "expert" (or other character)
   to drive home your core message or theme
• Steve does a celebrity voice "call-in" to humorously
   interact with your event emcee and attendees
• Steve produces funny and engaging videos, photos
   or other added elements reinforce your key points
Live video bits, funny call-ins & more.
 clients include...
Hire Steve to poke some (good-natured) fun at your honoree.

Remember those hilarious "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts" on TV back in
the '70s? If Dean and his cast of famous pals always seemed to be having a
ball, it's because there were, right along with the "Man of the Hour" himself.

Nothing gets bigger laughs than humor based on the people we know best.
That's why a hilarious custom comedy roast (written and delivered by Steve) is an unforgettable way to honor your family member, friend or colleague!

Steve's Custom Comedy Roast is the perfect entertainment fit for your next...
​Anniversary Party • Bachelor or Bachelorette Party • Birthday Party • Divorce Party
Farewell Party • Rehearsal Dinner • Retirement Party • special event of any kind!
Here's how the Comedy Roast works:

You provide Steve with some juicy morsels about the honoree's personal traits: their likes, dislikes, habits, quirks, misadventures, embarrassments, etc.

Based on your content rating guidelines, Steve writes a brilliantly
funny monologue and delivers it himself, or he can share the roasting duties with anyone else who wants to get their jabs in!

In addition to the verbal roasting, Steve can ramp up the laughs even more by adding funny audiovisual elements: a custom video, staged or altered photos, hilarious graphs, name it. 

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