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Clean, thoroughly polished
and laugh-tested in front of

audiences of every type and

size, the crowd-pleasing shtick 
of Steve Van Zandt is guaranteed to

tickle the collective funnybone at your venue or

next special event, just as it has countless times before.

A typical Steve Van Zandt performance is jam-packed with hilarious satire featuring a diverse and endless lineup of spot-on celebrity voice impersonations. From iconic movie stars
to legendary political figures; television

and media personalities to singers, no

well-known persona is immune from

Steve's good-natured parody that

covers every era and spectrum

of fame.

Veteran stand-up comedian and voice actor Steve Van Zandt

has been dazzling audiences from coast to coast and beyond

for well over three decades. Combining a uniquely eclectic

sense of humor with an uncanny ability to mimic the famous,

Steve's smart and topical comedy routines put his

audiences on a rollicking roller coaster ride of

nonstop laughs.

At one moment Steve might

take on the vocal and physical

nuances of a cocky Donald

Trump, and in the very next
he may transform himself

into a menacing Robert De

Niro, a vocally-challenged

Sly Stallone or a snarky

Jack Nicholson with

pinpoint accuracy. The

result is a massive dose
of crowd-pleasing hilarity
from start to finish.

About Steve VZ...

For Steve's Performance Resumé, CLICK HERE.
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